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Infrastructure as Code with Terraform
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Our Services

We provide consultancy and training on DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Cloud Computing, Agile Software Development and Configuration Management


We help your company to adopt all the principles of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration. We strive to improve your software development applying container life-cycle management. 

Cloud Computing

We collaborate with you for embracing the cloud journey. We help even more automating all the cloud infrastructure deployment in one click. Let your application scale and be reliable with cloud.

Configuration Management

We collaborate with you  applying the best practices in Configuration Management. We offer fully automated solutions using the Infrastructure as code paradigm with the best tools in the market.

Agile Software Development

Boost your software development process applying the state of the art agile software development methodologies. We help your company to do the transition to the agile world.


We offer the following training

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is becoming a much-needed way of dealing with the complexities of an organisation’s hybrid IT platform. In this course you learn how to deal with IaC using Terraform, one of the most powerful tool for handling with the Infrastructure as Code principles.

Our Tools

For DevOps and Agile Software development we use the following tools and services.

Do you use different tool or different service? We collaborate with you in defining its implementation and automating its deployment

About Us

Blueshift. A better software for a better world

We believe in software quality and believe in building a fully automated seamless software development environment. We help organizations in embracing all the DevOps principles. We service and consult Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, Continuous Integration, Continuous Monitoring and Agile principles. We help companies to adopt Cloud Computing, architect cloud solution and automate cloud infrastructure deployment.

 We have experience in:

  • Introducing DevOps culture in organizations
  • Continuous Delivery implementation
  • Cloud architecture
  • Cloud infrastructure deployment
  • Configuration management with Infrastructure as Code principles
  • Agile software development

Our Team

I hold a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering and have more than 17 years of software development and software management experience. I am Scrum Master and Situational Leadership II certified with experience in Agile Software development, Embedded Software, Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, DevOps, and Configuration Management. I have acquired experience in working in a multicultural and multi sites environment (Denmark, Italy, India, Germany, USA, Estonia, Spain and Brazil), leading teams for configuration management, tools life cycle management, development process design and management. I contributed to manage all the software aspects in companies such as Danfoss, Siemens and LEGO.

I have experience in:

  • DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Agile Software Development
  • Software Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Testing
  • Docker Containers
  • Embedded Software Development
  • Situational Leadership II

From Blog

Blog Posts related to our passions...

Bootstrap Azure virtual machine with Terraform
In this post, we deploy an Azure VM using Terraform. We use the architecture first approach designing the Azure infrastructure and then implementing it with Terraform HCL. Terraform is also capable to bootstrap applications into Azure infrastructure and we demonstrate it bootstrapping a simple Web application into a new Azure VM using Terraform.
Terraform remote state with Microsoft Azure
Terraform keeps track of its state in a file that can be managed locally or remotely. When working in a team Hashicorp Terraform team suggest using Terraform backend for Terraform remote state handling. One of the Terraform backend type is Azure backend and this post shows how to set it up.
Azure meets Terraform
Cloud providers can be managed using the Infrastructure as Code approach. In this post we explore how to setup Terraform for creating and managing Azure cloud provider.

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