Infrastructure as Code with Terraform course

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is becoming a much-needed way of dealing with the complexities of an organisation’s hybrid IT platform. In this course, you learn how to deal with IaC using Terraform, one of the most powerful tool for handling the Infrastructure as Code principles. This course focus on 


- why we should adopt Infrastructure as Code paradigm

- what is Terraform

- how to use Terraform with AWS and Microsoft Azure


Terraform will be introduced with a lot of hands on exercise using both AWS and Microsoft Azure providers. 



The course is divided in 2 days


- Day 1: Terraform Basics using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or  Microsoft Azure cloud providers

- Day 2: Complete project using Terraform,  Docker, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure, GitLab: Installation of tool ready to use in one click


NOTE: It is also possible to book only Day 1. Day 1 is mandatory for Day 2.

The course is On-site (in Company) training. 

The course is based on practical usage of Terraform and therefore each participant needs to have a PC/laptop to follow up the exercises, git installation is required.


Target Audience

Software Developers, IT Operations Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, DevOps Engineers


After this course, you will be able to

  • Understand the Infrastructure as Code concept
  • Understand Terraform basics principles
  • Provision development, testing, production environments in in the cloud with Terraform
  • Use of DevOps tool such as Terraform, Docker, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Git, GitLab and other tools
  • Provision and maintain zero-downtime environments for production ready applications with Terraform


Day 1:

1) Terraform Introduction

  • Why Terraform: Infrastructure as Code principles
  • Terraform installation
  • ‍Terraform project structure  and configurations
  • Terraform installation using Docker
  • Terraform providers


2) Terraform basics

  • Remote state and backends
  • ‍Variables and environments  variables
  • ‍Output Variables
  • ‍Data Sources
  • ‍Templates
  • Modules


3) Terraform in the Cloud  (Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure)

  • Terraform and Identity
  • Terraform and backends
  • Terraform and Compute
  • Terraform and Networking
  • Terraform and Storage
  • Terraform and Security
  • Terraform and Monitoring


Day 2:

1) Provisioning a web application in the cloud with Terraform   

  • Define the web application architecture
  • Dev, QA and Prod environments concept
  • Handling of Remote state and backends for the Dev, QA and Prod
  • Terraform version control

               - Terraform version configuration management

               - Terraform life cycle  management with Docker

  • Automate the provisioning

              - CI/CD introduction

              - CI/CD implementation

2) Incremental Implementation of  the architecture in the cloud using Agile principles

  • Cloud Identity
  • Cloud Networking
  • Cloud Compute 
  • Cloud Monitoring


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